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Dr. Khalil Osman

Born and raised in El-Dueim a central town on the White Nile the late Dr. Khalil Osman, initially trained as a veterinary doctor.

His first business endeavor in 1968 was a shrimp fishing company in Kuwait rapidly developed into the largest shrimp fishing business in the Arabian gulf was followed by a string of successful investments and businesses across the globe including and not limited to: timber and lumber mills in Canada; fisheries in Somalia; dairy products in Holland; and match factories in Congo Kinshasa and Nigeria

A vanguard of Sudanese entrepreneurship the late Dr. Khalil was responsible for the establishment of 60% of the current Sudanese industrial sector. He was the first Sudanese businessmen to begin modern large scale production in textiles, pharmaceuticals, particle board production and glass manufacturing among others.

Dr. Khalil was a nationalist His contribution to Sudan’s economy is not limited to being a successful businessman and establishing almost 60% of Sudan’s modern industrial sector; as an economic Presidential Advisor, Dr. Khalil was instrumental in securing financing for the Kenanna Sugar Company which for the longest time was the largest sugar plant in the world and to this very day one of the largest sources of hard currency and profit for the Sudanese economy.


Investments of Dr. Khalil’s in Sudan included

Some of the main investments in Sudan were, The Modern Match Production and Distribution Company; the Sudanese Glass Company, The National Agricultural Organization, the Sudanese Kuwaiti Packaging Company; Sudanese Chemical Industries, Particle Board Industries, Medical and Sanitary Products Company, Khartoum Publicity Company; Sudan All ware Industries, the African Plantation Company, Digna Petroleum and Taroog Mining, the Africa Palace Hotel in Khartoum and Le Meridien Hotel Khartoum.

Dr. Khalil’s business principles doctrine and strategy are enshrined by KOI. Through combining African resources, Arab capital and technical expertise from around the world Dr. Khalil created a business empire that was not only highly successful and diverse, but also promoted and benefited the communities it served.