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Khartoum, Sudan

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Air Taxi Co. Ltd.


Founded in 1972 by the successful Sudanese entrepreneur Dr. Khalil Osman and named Air Taxi. The newly formed company immediately managed to acquire a 3200 m2 piece of land inside Khartoum international airport and build a 1440m2 hanger, still the largest private hanger in the airport, surpassed only by Sudan Airways main hangers, the company grew steadily throughout the seventies and eighties.

Initially the company started off by servicing the vast agricultural fields in Sudan by being the first to offer aerial crop spraying.

During the same year charter operations were started, and passenger aircrafts were added to the fleet. The business grew steadily as did the popularity of the company.

Further Aircrafts were added to the fleet and by 1982 Air Taxi had some 26 aircrafts. Among them was two DC3, two Aztec, two Cherokee 6, one Air commander, six Plutus sporter, 5 Thrush Commander, 8 PA 25 Pipers

In 1988 management decided to scale back its operations and concentrate on its maintenance operation and aircraft services.

Today Air Taxi is still operating a professional and well-established maintenance base that provides vital aircraft services to our valuable customers.



The company’s aircraft hanger in Khartoum International Airport is located facing straight onto the main runway and taxiway, giving our customers aircraft excellent accessibility. We have been licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority to conduct maintenance work on planes under 5,700 kg for 29 consecutive years.


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